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Mantras for a Happy Life !! N E W !!
Mantras for a Happy Life
Ambient Relaxing Healing New Age Sacred Ethnic Indian Devotional Mantra Chants.

Genre: Spiritual, Mantras

After "DURGA - Mantras for Protection" and "Devi Prayer" many friends asked us for a Mantra CD to chant along with it. We now share some Mantras for chanting, for Mantra Japam.
Mantras are ancient sacred sounds or Sanskrit words, which have certain effects. Like spells they help you to manifest in your life, what you want: Peace, Love, Health, Wealth, Knowledge, Success, Protection, Enlightenment…

Choose 1 or 2 Mantras to address certain issues in your life and chant it regularly for at least 40 days. In Sanskrit the effect of sound is enough – even without knowing the meaning! But proper pronunciation is important!
We have learned from 3 eminent Indian spiritual Masters, that one should chant the OM only once in the beginning and skip it in the other 107 repetitions. Therefore it is recorded here accordingly.

Procedure for Chanting:
Sit facing East or North, on a white or yellow woollen blanket, and chant the Mantra 108 times, using a Mala (rosary with 108 beads).
Best is regularly once or twice a day, morning and evening.

Often first results show already after 40 days of practice.
In some cases miracles may happen with Mantras! When your issue is solved and you want to manifest something else in your life, choose another Mantra and continue.
You may use these powerful "Mantras for a Happy Life" for chanting, for their high vibration or for relaxation & meditation. Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy!
You can buy the CD:
CD "Mantras for a Happy Life" - € 14,99
or buy a soundtrack from this CD:
Soundtrack "GANESHA GAYATRI - For Success in Anything" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "LAKSHMI MANTRA - Wealth, Fortune & Prosperity" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "KUBERA MANTRA - For Wealth & Abundance" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "OM SHANTI - Mantra for Peace" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "OM TRYAMBAKAM - Mantra for Health" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "MOTHER GODDESS - Mantra for Happy Love & Marriage" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "DEVI KAVACHAM - Chant for Protection" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "SHIVOHAM - Song about elf-Realization (feat. Deepali Sharma)" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "LOKAH SAMASTAH - Blessing of the Goddess" - € 0,99

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Durga - Mantras for Protection
Durga - Mantras for Protection
We are happy to announce that our much awaited new album "Durga - Mantras for Protection" is now available.

It contains powerful Chants, Hymns and Mantras for protection against all kinds of dangers - inside and outside... We are living in difficult times and Ananda got the clear insight, that she should bring out this album now, because people would need it. It is peaceful, but powerful meditative music, for relaxation, meditation and protection, listening in the car or for falling asleep - also good for children!

Many years ago Ananda faced a great danger for life. At that time Sri Sri Ravi Shankar came to her house, recorded the "Kartikeya Mantra" for her and said: "Play this every day - and you will get out of danger". And so it happened. This Mantra is now available for all.

In the last soundtrack "Blessing of the Goddess" first thunder is rising, followed by conches, announcing the Goddess – then her voice resounds from heaven: "Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu" - "May all beings in all worlds be happy!"
You can buy the CD:
CD "Durga - Mantras for Protection" - € 14,99
or buy a soundtrack from this CD:
Soundtrack "Durgashtakam, 8 verses to Durga"

Soundtrack "Durga Ashtotram 108 names of Durga" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "Kartikeya Mantra" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "Jaya Durga" - € 0,99

Soundtrack "Blessing of the Goddess - Lokah Samastha"

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Sacred Chants of Devi
Sacred Chants of Devi
In year 2002 Ananda V. released her first CD titled "Sacred Chants of Devi" with Craig Pruess, Heaven on Earth. This beautiful music with chanted mantras (highly conducive to meditation) is very peaceful and meditative. It has been used in many spiritual workshops and became a bestselling CD in meditative music.
Click here to order or just to listen.

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne, the biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne
The biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world.

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