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After we met and I brought home your pictures and music, I felt a big need inside to say how beautiful you are... Thank you for this beauty which entered my life and my heart so suddenly ! I have two small kids, they fall asleep in 5 minutes when we listen to your CD. Your Pictures, your music, your existence and your appearance, everything around you is so powerful for me, that I do feel blessed! Even if we would have met just this one time in this life - that is enough for me.
(Jasna Dogic, Croatia)
- - -
The 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine - Sacred Chants of Devi has come to be considered a landmark recording. Originally released in 2002, it has been embraced and used by some of the leading figures in the human development movement like Brandon Bays, Anthony Robbins and Sri Bhagvan at the Golden Temple in India (during the "21 Day Process"). These Sanskrit chants create a warm, cosmic expansive mood - perfect for yoga, meditation, body work, message, Reiki and/or profound healing. The pure and heartfelt voice of Ananda resonates directly to the heart. The effect achieved is to never take the attention away from the steady, measured and deeply settling vibe of Ananda's vocal delivery. These ancient chants of the Divine Mother are beautifully pronounced, this CD having been created by two experienced, Western "yogis". It is simply and powerfully "spiritual music" at its most purely intended.
(CD Baby)
- - -
Sublime & spacious vocal chants to the Divine Mother - Devi. These spacious chants can transport the listener to a celestial space of deep calm and bliss. The "Lalitha Ashtotram" is a sacred Sanskrit text of the 108 names of Mother Divine. These words of praise were composed thousands of years ago. The Divine as Mother is to be found in all the world's traditions and She is recognized for her qualities of unconditional love, protection, and guidance. Just by listening to these sacred verses, patience, love, and compassion can be awakened. In times of need, these special chants can console, comfort, and energize us - and they reflect the grace, charm, and beauty of Mother divine. Playing this music can help to create a tranquil atmosphere suitable for meditation, yoga, and relaxation. For maximum enjoyment of the music, sit in a quiet undistrurbed place with closed eyes, and continue to relax for some time after the music has finished.
(Earth Vibe Music)
- - -
If you are familiar with the experience of Source through meditation you will immediately recognise it's fragrance in "Devi Prayer" - track 2 on this 3 track album. This album takes you into an ever expanding place of bliss and centredness. It's calming and rejuvenating soundscape opens your being and reminds you of what it feels like to be in love. Ambient, pure Sanskrit chants, meticulously recorded. - creates a very meditative, mind-expanding, empty, full, but deep feeling. Created by two Western yogis. This music has been taken up by leaders of the human development movement.
- - -
Trully beautiful....will inspire & deepen your connection. This album is highly recommended for any lover of moves you deeply in a subtle yet gently profound way, taking you inward into your own divine essence and leaving you soaking and resting in source! The "Devi Prayer" item is particularly powerful. Enjoy!
(Carol Surya)
- - -
Hands down, this is one of the best CD's for renewal and relaxation. If your mind is filled with thoughts and you want to clear them, play this CD.
(Darlene T. Pina)
- - -
This was part of a Tony Robbins seminar I attended, and when used correctly can be so powerful! I love the healing sounds, it is soooo relaxing and calming to listen to.
(J. Mitchell)
- - -
This album is highly recommended for any lover of moves you deeply in a subtle yet gently profound way, taking you inward into your own divine essence and leaving you soaking and resting in source! Turn down the lights, take the 'phone off the hook, light a stick of incense and sit back and relax... this CD is sheer bliss from start to finish and will have you drifting off to that special place you go when you think of heaven.
(Elizabeth Whiteman "Darshan")
- - -
I listen to Mother Divine every evening. The Prayer to Devi is hauntingly beautiful...I find it whirling in my head even on the subway. What joy! You WILL be transported!!
(Nancy Glazer)
- - -
This CD is absolutely beautiful and spell binding, if you want to create space in your life within your mind and set yourself up for a gorgeous inspirational moment, this is the CD for you. Namaste.
(Heidi Jamuna)
- - -
I have heard your CD. It is very beautiful - quite otherworldly.
(Smt.Bhanumati Narasimhan, Singer & Sri Sri Ravi Shankars sister)
- - -
I love this CD! It makes me so relaxed and quiet. I listen to it every evening before sleeping.
(Young prisoner )
- - -
When I listen to the "Sacred Chants of Devi" it makes me feel much better. I am so grateful! It helped me come out of misery.
(One lady who suffered from sadness )
- - -
This is the single most powerful CD I have ever used as an aid to meditation. It is almost impossible to listen to it without drifting off into a very deep meditative state - so don't play it in the car!! Almost everyone I have ever played it for has gone away and immediately bought their own copy. It is a very, very special CD and I can't reccommend it highly enough.
(Sue Merry "Saraswati")
- - -
This CD is the best I've heard so far. It is a beautiful CD to meditate to or to conduct complementary therapy sessions. Highly recommended!
(D. Kahn, Durham, UK)
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