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Testimonials - paintings
Commission from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Please paint the Parashakti Devi for me – all Devis in One: with 2 arms, wearing a white Sari and the hand in a blessing Mudra. I want her for my Ashram.
(Sri Sri Ravi Shakarji, Founder of Art of Living, Bangalore)
- - -
Famous Clearvoyant: Your art will become a "fashion"!
Your art is very special; it will uplift many people. The world needs paintings like this to spread the quality of Bhakti (Divine Love). Continue! It will be very successful. Your art will become a 'fashion!
(Ivan Bakic - famous Clearvoyant in Croatia)
- - -
Like REAL celestial Beings!
I am able to perceive the celestial level of beings and things, and your paintings are closest to the "real" thing, with all the golden light and light coming from the eyes. You are a blessed and divine artist! Bringing the celestial to us in the most beautiful paintings I've seen! Do you sell prints?
(Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, spiritual teacher, USA)
- - -
You should continue to paint!
You will be a great artist and you have something to give to the world.
(Acharya Ratnananda - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's father, Bangalore)
- - -
First Sale
Your paintings are wonderful! You must not neglect this gift ! Continue to paint!
(Christopher Pike - bestseller author, USA)
- - -
Grandissima Artista:
This is beautiful! The expression of the eyes... You are a "grandissima artista"!
(Gaietano Fanelli - professor of Art at Milano Art University, after quietly gazing at a drawing for a long time)
- - -
Healing Energy
There are so many paths to the Goddess and your art, Ananda, is surely one of them. Her empowering and healing energy absolutely radiates from your paintings and chants. The Three Devi Meditation (YouTube) has touched my life in a myriad of ways. It never fails to make the spirit soar!
(Sharon Turnbull - author, Goddess Gift, USA)
- - -
High-energy Paintings
Your paintings have a very high energy! Their vibration is 60.000 - 70.000 - 80.000... This is like a Raphael or Leonardo - painting! When I feel tired or energy-less, I look at them and feel my energy come back! I keep them with me when I am healing! They really help healing!
(Dr. Ludmilla - dr. med & healer, Russia)
- - -
Increase in Income
We asked our 3 year old son to choose a Devi that is "nicer". When he said that both are nice, we bought both pictures: Parashakti Devi and Lakshmi. The amazing thing is that since then in the last 10 days the daily income of our business was 10 - 20 times more than usually! For years the income was always related to the number of tourists. Even though there were only about 50 people that passed the beach those days, the income was the same as with 500 people passing the beach in the middle of summer ! The history of daily income showed clearly that something unusual is going on. For me personally your pictures have helped me to relate to the Female in the Divine. I have not seen any picture that represents female deities with so much depth, power, dignity and above all, with so much beauty.
(Aleksandar and Nina Bajic, Croatia)
- - -
This looks like a Raphael painting ! The technique, the glow, the expression of her eyes. Your paintings are perhaps some of the most sattvic paintings of this time...
(Kuba Ambrose, artist and teacher at Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, Austria)
- - -
Your paintings are a blessing !
(Erika R., Germany - with tears in her eyes)
- - -
Art Professor: "Don't lie to me!"
I showed a photo of Ananda's Oval Madonna to my art professor in Zagreb (Croatia) and said: "My friend painted this!". The professor said: "Don't lie to me! This is an old master!" Still today she doesn't know that it was painted by a contemporary artist!
(Dijana V., Croatia)
- - -
After we met and I brought home your pictures and music, I felt a big need to say how beautiful you are. Thank you for this beauty which entered my life and my heart so suddenly ! I have two small kids, they fall asleep in 5 minutes when we listen to your CD. Your pictures, your music, your existence and your appearance, everything around you is so powerful for me, that I do feel blessed ! Even if we would have met just this one time in this life - that is enough for me.
(Jasna Dogic, Croatia)
- - -
Like a Raphael Madonna
This looks like a Raphael Madonna! The same transparency, the same glow on the face!
(Carl P., Germany)
- - -
Devi became 3-dimensional
Until now I had never really felt a connection to the Devi. But since this picture is in our meditation room, something strange is happening: In the first meditation I saw her face very clearly and felt her presence. On the following day even a dialogue happened. Since her picture is with us, long meditations have become a cherished need again... Whenever I think of her, I feel this heartfelt connection. Once while gazing at the Devis eyes, I even saw her becoming 3-dimensional, then her face changed and many luminous Divine beings came out of her image – it was overwhelming !!! I am so grateful - Thank you !
(Sylvia G., Germany)
- - -
Ravi Varma
Your paintings are amazing, excellent and I ´ve no words to say ! They look like real ! I´m a graphic designer. Most of my works are based on Lord Krishna..But my works are nothing in front of your paintings, sister:you are a great painter. Its really a gift of god. When I see your works I remember Ravi Varmas paintings. I would like to see more of your paintings. You are really talented. Keep it up, Sister!
(Om Namonarayanaya, India)
- - -
It made me cry
Your paintings are AMAZING! The Devi's eyes swapped me away. All was dancing in golden light, radiating from the Devi... Infinite peace and calmness. When I saw Madonna and Child, I felt such an outburst of compassion that I couldn't but cry my soul out of overwhelming warmth that is so concentrated in Her and the Child's eyes. It swallowed me entirely. She is so caring for her divine child, for us all! I felt the mother side of me. I saw my mother in her eyes. I felt what my mother feels for me - infinite love and compassion. I felt such a joy and blessing simply for being a woman.
(Matea, Croatia)
- - -
Eyes and Love
Standing in front of the Devi and watching her eyes, what remains after few minutes are only eyes and love.
(Davor V., Jyotishi & spiritual teacher, Croatia)
- - -
Beautiful Lakshmi painting
Your Lakshmi painting is so beautiful, so Divine. I have never seen anything like this before.
(Beatrice Yulini, Italy)
- - -
She killed a Demon
Anandaji, my New Durga started working. She killed a demon of stubbornness in one person who gave me lot of problems. I am impressed. Thank You sooo much!!!
(Robert Kolaric, Croatia)
- - -
Dear Ananda, I got your Devi, and she is mesmerizing!!! With Devi came a lot of her offerings - one was strong awakening of me, it reminded me on my purpose here so gently and strongly, as only Devi can. And yeah, that all happened that very day that Devi came. It is unique. I have a lot of paintings of Devi, in all her manifestations, but Your's is sooo different, so full of Bliss - Ananda. Thank You very much.
(Dea Devidas, USA)
- - -
Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne, the biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne
The biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world.

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