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Ananda Vdovic
Ananda is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Shakti Yoga Path for Self-Realization. She started her spiritual journey in 1970 and has been teaching meditation and Advanced Meditation Courses for over 40 years to Thousands of people internationally. She spent many years in Silence and long meditations, which enables her to share her knowledge and experience with many people in her courses. She has also received training in Timeline Healing and has since then helped many people with this wonderful life-changing process.

Born and raised in Germany, Ananda has always been interested in painting. As a 5 year-old prodigy she declared: "I want to become a painter!"
Soon afterwards one of her drawings was disqualified from a children's competition, as the judges did not believe that a child could have painted such a picture!

Later she studied philosophy and education and is a graduate of Hamburg University.

In 1970 she was initiated into Meditation and soon became a meditation teacher. Her spiritual Masters called her a a light, a very spiritual woman, a multi-talent, a Brahmaghyani and Yogi-Rani.

Over the past over 40 years Ananda taught Thousands of people Meditation, Advanced Courses, Vedic Mantra Meditation and Silence Retreats - in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Dubai, and all countries of Europe.
In spite of her many travels and other activities, Ananda never gave up painting. Among others also Sri Sri Ravi Shankar commissioned some paintings from her - and she held several art exhibits and sold paintings to many destinations all over the world.

Ananda is also a gifted singer - viz.“Sacred Chants of Devi” and “Durga- Mantras for Protection” and architectural artist. Her work in architecture design can be seen at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore. Ananda is well known for her inspired Devi and Madonna paintings, which shine with an illuminated beauty.

Prints of her paintings are also available on other websites, including:
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In 2011 Ananda received a vision of the Divine Mother, who asked her to start teaching her knowledge under the name Shakti Yoga – the Path of Power. Today Ananda Ma and her joyful husband Davorji are teaching this unique system of spiritual practises for Self-development and healing. They live in Germany and Croatia and teach in many countries.

Davorji is also a musician and Jyotish, Ayurveda & Vastu consultant and he and Ananda also create music together. Viz. “DURGA – Mantras for Protection.”

Davorjis website is:

Spiritual seekers from all over the world have found Ananda Ma and Davorji. Many have experienced their work and found themselves touched, healed and uplifted - and enjoy a deeper spiritual connection in their lives.
Shakti Yoga Intensive, 2016, Zagreb, - Croatia
Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne, the biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne
The biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world.

For more information please visit:

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